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Industry Arts venue
Region Russia
Type of Solution
Over thirty Optoma projectors
Installation Company
Moscow Design Centre M'ARS
The centre for contemporary arts is incorporated in the public organization M’ARS Association. The centre’s key activities include the implementation of major international projects in the sphere of contemporary arts.
Interactive audio visual art exhibition - Moscow Design Centre M'ARS.

Life Zone - interactive audio visual art exhibition

Challenge: To create a unique interactive audio visual art exhibition at the Moscow Design Centre M'ARS.
Solution: Over thirty Optoma projectors were installed including three 5200-lumen EH503 ProScene projectors, more than twenty EH200ST short throw projectors and eight W307UST ultra short throw projectors.
Results: The Optoma projectors have provided the flexibility required to transform the gallery and its interior into a unique interactive audio visual art space. The Moscow Design Centre M'ARS has become a new multimedia cultural centre of Russia, where artists can experiment and visitors can see some truly unique displays.

The Challenge

Moscow Design Centre M'ARS, in collaboration with the M'ARS Laboratory (St. Petersburg) wanted to create a unique exhibition of audio visual art - Life Zone.

The term "life zone" in astronomy refers to an area where life is possible, which is also known as the habitable zone.

The exhibition was designed as an interactive maze that immerses the viewer in the space of sound, image and light with the help of modern technology.

Through the use of projectors, the organisers sought to create a unique, immersive space where the viewer can interact with the created artwork.

To implement these ambitions, the organisers knew that they needed high quality DLP projectors, which could allow for very flexible placement, high brightness and colour reproduction, and also the ability to work for long periods of time (>10 hours), while keeping the size and budget within a comfortable level.

The Solution

Selection and realisation

Over thirty Optoma projectors were installed including the EH503 ProScene projector, chosen for its high brightness of 5200 ANSI lumens and pin-sharp high definition imagery through its 1080p resolution. This made it ideal for larger images without any compromise to image quality. Optoma's ProScene projectors provide real flexibility and accuracy, while maintaining exceptional image quality.

The Optoma 1080p short-throw projector, EH200ST was chosen due to its bright 3000 ANSI lumens and for its ability to produce a large image from a short distance, while their compact size means they can be installed out of sight from visitors.

The W307UST ultra short throw projector was selected for the external display on the façade of the gallery. Eight projectors were used to create a single blended image across the panoramic windows, illuminating them from inside the building. The WXGA projector was chosen due to its ultra short throw lens and 3500 ANSI lumens brightness.

Thanks to the technical features of the selected Optoma projectors, the exhibition demonstrates the excellent image quality and high brightness the organisers required, whilst maintaining the goal of keeping the equipment’s presence to a minimum.

Optoma projectors use DLP® technology which ensures the projectors retain their out-of-the-box image quality and brightness throughout their lifetime and, as there are no filters to remove and clean, they need virtually no maintenance.

The Results

The official opening of the exhibition took place in Moscow on February 27, 2015. The exhibition includes works by Russian media and audio artists, created especially for the project. It provides a fascinating impression with unrivalled quality of bright and clear images.

Eight halls, across M’ars’ two-storey building are constantly filled by unique works of media art from across Russia and the CIS.

The Life Zone interactive media maze is built on the principle of dominoes, where a change in one element results in changes in another.

This is a unique project that opened new opportunities for artists and provides unlimited possibilities to implement new technologies. It also lifts the veil of secrecy for a modern audience.

The Life Zone exhibition has rapidly gained popularity, and by popular demand was extended for another month and a half.

It’s now possible for the gallery and its interior to be transformed for an evening, or a weekend to host artists from all across Russia, and Europe, to show their works. Anything from a video montage, music or other interesting and unique interactive projects.

Thanks to the flexibility of Optoma’s projectors and the staff ot M’ars gallery, it has become a new multimedia cultural centre in Russia, where artists can experiment and visitors can experience something truly unique.

Magazine reviews:
"It is not just an exhibition, but a natural maze stunning walking on it with the help of sound, light, image. "The zone of life" in astronomy - an area most suitable for the existence; are seeking not only that of serious scientists, but also artists, decided to research truly universal scale. The exhibition consists of two parts - "the cause of life" and "dimension of life"; at the heart of both - spatial, kinetic, interactive installations." - Afisha magazine.

“Center of Modern Art M'ARS completely changes the concept of the work, moving into the actively developing media - art. The first draft of the "renewed "  center – Life Zone .” – Kudago.com

"For nearly five years no news from M'ARS was received and there were no original and high-profile exhibitions so the centre lost its audience. In the past, the management decided to restart. They occupied a free niche. Now M'ARS specialises exclusively in the audio visual arts." - TV channel “Culture”.

Equipment List

Three ProScene EH503 high brightness projectors, more than twenty Optoma EH200ST short throw projectors and eight Optoma W307UST ultra short throw projectors.
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