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Industry Museum
Region Austria
Type of Solution
Two GT1080Darbee with Bare Conductive paint
Installation Company
Sebastian Schmid and Peter Schoiswohl
[email protected]

Artists choose Optoma for interactive #selfie installation


Sebastian Schmid and Peter Schoiswohl, both in their 5th semester in Event Engineering at New Design University, were approached by their University Lecturer to develop, create and install an interactive demonstration in a 5x5m space at the first selfie museum in Austria, the nofilter_museum.

Sebastian and Peter took inspiration from different art projects and came up with the idea of a room where users can interact with the installation to select which scenes they’d like to include in their selfie.


Peter and Sebastian designed the scenes with a combination of Illustrator, After Effects and Blender. For example, the butterfly you can see in the video is created entirely from scratch in Blender.

For the interactivity, the team used the Interactive Wall Kit and conductive paint from Bare Conductive. Visitors can select between 12 different selfie-backgrounds by touching the hand-painted icons on the wall.

For projecting the scenes, the inventive partners chose two GT1080Darbee projectors - one for each of the walls. Sebastian explained: "We chose the GT1080Darbee because it's the brightest and most cost-effective projector with a short throw range, that can make a big enough image."


The initiators of the museum are really happy with the outcome and the installation is well received among the visitors. Therefore, the initiators reached out to the creative duo to create special scenes for Christmas to suit the holiday season. 


Peter Schoiswohl

Sebastian Schmid


Bare Conductive

Equipment List

Two GT1080Darbee • Interactive Wall Kit by Bare Conductive • Conductive paint by Bare Conductive • Two 10m Hdmi cables • PC System • Two VESA mounts
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