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Industry Simulator
Region UK
Type of Solution
Optoma EH200ST and ProTee golf simulator
Installation Company
Martin Jer
My aim is to play all the Middle Eastern courses and put a detailed review and hole-by-hole walkthrough on them so that others looking to play them can find the information easily. I also plan on playing as many courses as I can in other countries and doing the same. With over 30,000 in the world, it’s impossible to play them all. But I want to play as many as I can.

Building a home golf simulator


Martin Jer, a passionate golfer and owner of MJ-GolfGuides – a golf travel website and blog which sees Martin travel around the world playing on as many courses as he can, wanted to build a home golf simulator for his current home.

Martin said, “It was a challenge to find a room that was suitable on our compound, and we were given a pretty small space of 5.8 x 4.3 metres, so the projector needed to project from a short distance and cast an image of approximately 4m diagonally at 4:3 aspect, 2m away from the screen”.


Martin installed the EH200ST on the ceiling and connected it to the ProTee golf simulator (ProTee Base Pack 2). Martin said: “After some research and doing some calculations, we found that the Optoma EH200ST was perfect for our purpose.

“The EH200ST gave us excellent quality and value for money, and the installation was incredibly straightforward.”

With a short throw lens and 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness, the Full HD 1080p projector can project a large and vibrant 100-inch image from only a short distance away.

Instant power on/off technology means the EH200ST is primed for instant plug-and-play viewing, making it ideal for simulation applications. The projector will start up and connect to the image generator instantly when power is supplied to the unit. There is also no need to wait for the projector to cool down before turning off, letting you power off immediately or directly at the mains.  


“The projector is a good sturdy assembly and bolted nicely to the ceiling. Starting it up showed we made the right choice and the quality of the image and frame rate is perfect with the system. The short throw projector is also ideal as it is between the player and the screen, this means that no shadows will be cast from the player while swinging a club onto the screen.

“All in all, we love the simulator and it is definitely something we would love to have anywhere we go. You can practice your game from the comfort of your own home and have over 100,000 courses to play on the system!”

For a step-by-step guide on how Martin built his golf simulator please visit: https://www.mjgolfguides.com/building-a-home-golf-simulator/

Equipment List

EH200ST projector; ProTee golf simulator (ProTee Base Pack 2) included: hitting mat, putting mat, impact screen, two overhead spotlights, vertical camera, horizontal camera, and various cables and connectors; Metal tubes for impact screen; Plywood subfloor; Black wall paint; Carpet grass; High specification PC
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