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20/11/2019 Optoma to unveil expanding range of innovative visual displays at ISE 2020
14/10/2019 Optoma launches award-winning UHZ65UST all-in-one smart home entertainment system
10/10/2019 Optoma releases new ultra-affordable professional laser projector - ZH403
30/09/2019 Optoma launches flagship 4K UHD DuraCore MultiColor laser high brightness projectors - ZK1050 and ZK750
27/09/2019 Compact and powerful: Optoma’s new automated warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO
23/09/2019 Optoma adds compact and flexible projectors to its DuraCore laser range – ZU606TSTe, ZU606Te and ZH606e
30/08/2019 Optoma unveils new ambient light rejecting projector screen - ALR101
22/08/2019 Optoma unveils BE Free6 – the next generation of its award-winning true wireless in-ear headphones with Bluetooth 5.0
19/07/2019 Optoma expands into rental market with new QUADShow solution for the award-winning FHDQ130
01/03/2019 Smart, small and slim design with Optoma’s new DC455 visualiser
28/02/2019 Optoma adds compact and flexible projectors to its DuraCore laser range – ZU506 and ZH506
13/02/2019 Optoma QUAD LED display awarded ‘Best of Show’ at ISE 2019
17/01/2019 Optoma to showcase its latest developments in LED display, laser and 4K projection at ISE 2019
07/12/2018 Optoma to reveal flagship LED display ‘QUAD’ series at ISE 2019
23/11/2018 Optoma launches 4K ISF-certified tab tension electric screens
22/11/2018 Optoma launches high brightness 4K UHD projector with Alexa voice control* – UHD51ALVe
22/11/2018 Optoma launches high brightness 4K UHD projector – UHD370X
16/11/2018 Optoma expands laser range with the new short throw ZW310STe and ZX310STe projectors
02/11/2018 Optoma to unveil new display technologies on its biggest ever stand at ISE 2019
18/10/2018 Optoma, No.1 4K UHD projector brand* announces two new high brightness 4K Ultra HD projectors – 4K550 and 4K550ST
09/10/2018 Optoma expands laser projector range with the new ZW300USTe and ZW300USTie
08/10/2018 Optoma to unveil new range of interactive flat panel displays at ISE 2019
03/10/2018 Optoma unveils next generation high performance DuraCore laser - ZU660e
27/09/2018 Optoma launches battery-powered pocket projector - LV130
27/09/2018 Optoma launches new ultra-portable LED projector for plug-and-play viewing on the move – ML1050ST+
21/09/2018 Optoma launches new high performance DuraCore laser projector - ZU750
31/08/2018 Vibrant business and classroom presentations with Optoma’s new entry projector range
30/08/2018 Optoma unveils next evolution of its ultra short throw home projector - HD35UST
30/08/2018 Optoma unveils next evolution of its ultra short throw home projector - HD31UST
29/08/2018 Optoma to showcase its lifestyle range at IFA 2018 including its first Alexa supported 4K UHD projector - the award-winning UHD51A
22/08/2018 Optoma strengthens LED display team across EMEA
20/07/2018 Optoma to unveil its latest line up of lifestyle products at IFA 2018
18/07/2018 Optoma adds new short throw projector to its impressive DuraCore laser range - ZU500TST
18/07/2018 Three new powerful performers added to the DuraCore laser projector range - ZU500T, ZH500T and ZW500T
16/07/2018 Optoma launches brightest battery-powered portable LED projector for home use - HL10
12/07/2018 Optoma launches new battery-powered portable LED business projector - LH160
12/07/2018 Optoma launches brightest battery-powered portable LED business projector – LH200
15/06/2018 Optoma unveils new laser ultra short throw home projector - HZ45UST
15/06/2018 Optoma unveils new laser ultra short throw home projector – HZ40UST
31/05/2018 Optoma launch next generation true wireless in-ear headphones with BE Free5
30/05/2018 Optoma unveils BE Sport4 – the next generation of its award-winning wireless in-ear sports headphones
14/05/2018 Optoma expands LED display range, including 1.5mm NPP indoor solution
27/04/2018 Optoma launches new ultra short throw series - EH330UST, W330UST and X330UST
17/04/2018 Optoma launches new high brightness laser ultra short throw projector – ZH420UST
19/03/2018 Impressive new 4K home projector - UHD51
19/03/2018 Optoma launches new 4K home projector – UHD350X
28/02/2018 Action at home with the new HD27e
22/02/2018 Optoma launches Flagship DuraCore laser projector
16/02/2018 Impressive new 4K home entertainment projector
26/01/2018 Optoma to unveil new large format LED display range at ISE 2018
07/12/2017 Optoma to unveil new visual display technology at ISE 2018
30/11/2017 Business looks brighter with Optoma’s new corporate range
28/11/2017 Seamless cable-free presentations with QuickCast
26/10/2017 Optoma launches 4K laser version of its multi-award winning UHD65 home cinema projector
18/10/2017 Optoma adds short throw projectors to its impressive 515 series
16/10/2017 Optoma launch true wireless in-ear headphones with new BE Free8
11/10/2017 Best in class 4K presentation scaler-switchers: Optoma’s new Chameleon PS200/300 series
29/09/2017 Optoma EMEA celebrates 20th birthday and opens new Head Office
24/08/2017 Optoma expands wireless in-ear headphones line-up with the NuForce BE2 at an incredible price point of only €49.99
18/08/2017 Optoma to showcase new 4K UHD laser home projector along with true wireless audio at IFA 2017
16/08/2017 Optoma expands Darbee range with new HD39Darbee home cinema projector
01/08/2017 Optoma launches new HD27LV projector for lights on entertainment
27/07/2017 HD29Darbee - Optoma unveils next evolution of its multi-award winning HD28DSE projector
07/07/2017 New ultra-compact smart LED projector with built-in WiFi and integrated Android - Optoma ML330
05/06/2017 Ultimate 4K home projectors - Optoma UHD65 and UHD60
05/06/2017 Optoma launches 4K home projector - UHD550X
01/06/2017 Optoma expands its award winning Hi-Res HEM series
01/06/2017 Optoma launch 4K UHD visualiser - DC554
01/06/2017 Optoma launch the DC554 4K UHD visualiser
23/05/2017 Optoma broadens its horizons with dedicated dome projection lens
16/05/2017 Optoma adds Full HD projector to its DuraCore laser line-up
05/05/2017 Optoma unveils next evolution of its ultra short throw home projector - GT5000+
02/05/2017 Optoma sets the standard with its super flexible HDBaseT™ transmitter: 4K100TX
14/04/2017 Laser ultra short throw series ‘Superb for signage’
13/04/2017 Optoma EMEA celebrates 20 year anniversary
07/04/2017 Optoma unveils enhanced version of its award winning GT1080 gaming projector
28/03/2017 Bright, crystal clear presentations with Optoma’s best connected portable projectors 400 and 400+ series
13/03/2017 Optoma launches its ProScene ZU850, 8200 lumens projector featuring MultiColor Laser
07/02/2017 Optoma unveils DuraCore laser technology, 4K UHD and home entertainment projectors at ISE 2017
18/11/2016 Optoma to unveil new laser, 4K UHD and gaming projectors along with innovative mapping solutions at ISE 2017
17/10/2016 Transform any space with Optoma’s new app: Projection Mapper
10/10/2016 The ultimate training partner – wireless freedom with Optoma’s new lightweight in-ears
28/07/2016 Optoma launches new home entertainment projector for lights on viewing
28/07/2016 Optoma launches new home projector for lights on viewing
15/06/2016 Amazing Colour – vibrant, long-lasting and accurate colours
31/05/2016 Optoma receives award for achieving #1 EMEA DLP® Brand - High Brightness Projectors
25/05/2016 Optoma launch the DC550 visualiser with clever folding arm
23/05/2016 Optoma unveils impressive new range of high resolution in-ear headphones
19/05/2016 Optoma's new ambient light rejecting projector screen gives better contrast and brighter images
09/05/2016 Optoma award winning wireless NuForce in-ear headphones – now even better
14/04/2016 Optoma launches new range for the summer of sport
11/04/2016 Optoma expands its high-performance ProScene range with new compact WUXGA installation projector
23/03/2016 Stunning pictures from new high resolution projector
23/03/2016 Vibrant visuals from new high resolution projector
15/03/2016 Optoma launches ultra-wide short throw laser projector
15/03/2016 Optoma unveils Hi-Res super small DSD DAC and headphone amp
01/03/2016 Optoma expands high-performance ProScene range with new flagship installation projector
09/02/2016 Optoma unveils world’s first state of the art 4K HLD projector at ISE 2016
17/12/2015 Optoma to unveil cutting-edge laser and 4K DLP UHD projection technology at ISE 2016
27/11/2015 Optoma unveils 6,000 lumen lamp-less laser-phosphor projector
25/11/2015 Beam images from a short distance with Optoma’s new ultra-portable LED projector
30/10/2015 Transform any wall into a cinema-sized screen with Optoma’s new revolutionary projector
30/10/2015 Optoma unveils neat solution for gamers, sports fans and film buffs homes
22/10/2015 Optoma launches 1080p wireless device for interactive presentations
05/10/2015 Optoma pairs quality sound with superior crafted design for first wireless NuForce in-ear headphones
16/09/2015 Optoma launches 1080p multimedia wireless streaming device
14/09/2015 Optoma launches world’s first projector with DARBEE image enhancement technology
14/08/2015 New 1080p business projector to enhance presentations
13/08/2015 Crystal clear and bright presentations with Optoma’s new 1080p business projector
12/08/2015 Optoma’s new W515 projector makes installation simple
12/06/2015 Philips partners with Optoma
15/05/2015 Optoma launches first 1080p ultra short throw projector
28/04/2015 Optoma unveils next generation of multi-award winning HD91 projector
23/04/2015 Reference sound quality with Optoma NuForce Primo8 earphones
22/04/2015 Optoma unveils new petite power amp STA120
09/04/2015 Superior quality presentations with Optoma's new high resolution EH415ST projector
17/03/2015 New Optoma lenses open up a world of new possibilities
09/03/2015 Optoma launches new portable business projectors
09/03/2015 Optoma launches new portable projectors for education and public sector
03/03/2015 Better sound with new Optoma NuForce earphones out now
28/01/2015 Optoma unveils new audio range at ISE 2015
15/01/2015 Optoma launches high definition visualiser DC450
10/12/2014 Optoma launches new generation 3D glasses
04/12/2014 Optoma launches new 3D active glasses
27/11/2014 Optoma to unveil new audio range and showcase the latest developments in projection technology at ISE 2015
13/11/2014 Optoma acquires NuForce the critically acclaimed Californian based consumer audio company
25/09/2014 HD151X: A bright new extension to Optoma’s 1080p home range
12/09/2014 DH1008: New 1080p business projector to energise presentations
04/09/2014 HD36: Super-sized 1080p images any time of day
29/08/2014 Optoma launches 1080p business projector for superior presentations
19/08/2014 Optoma launches 1080p 3D wireless HDMI system
15/08/2014 Optoma projectors now compatible with smart VueMagic™ app
25/07/2014 HD141X: Optoma launches all-round 1080p home entertainment projector
18/07/2014 HD26: Optoma launches 1080p home projector for super-sized home entertainment
17/07/2014 HD50: Optoma launches 1080p home projector for movie fans
17/07/2014 HD161X: Film buffs can now enjoy the cinema experience with Optoma’s new 1080p home projector
16/07/2014 Optoma launches short throw 1080p projector for meeting rooms and classrooms
15/07/2014 GT1070X: Optoma launches 1080p home projector for gamers
14/07/2014 GT1080: Optoma launches its best ever gaming projector today
27/06/2014 Optoma launches new interactive throw distance calculator
24/06/2014 Winner announced in Optoma’s online keepy-uppy game
06/06/2014 Optoma expands its LED home projector range
07/05/2014 Win an Optoma home entertainment projector
28/04/2014 Multi-award winning HD91 LED projector now available to buy
22/04/2014 Optoma expands its ProScene installation projector range
10/04/2014 Optoma warns against fake projector lamps
09/04/2014 Fast, precise and flexible: Optoma’s new automated warp and blend solution
03/04/2014 Optoma launches new range of bright business projectors
31/03/2014 Two new versatile projectors for Optoma’s business range
28/03/2014 Optoma EH505 ProScene projector now availble in black
27/03/2014 Optoma Launches New Ultra-Portable LED Projector
14/03/2014 Optoma launch the DC350 next generation flexible neck Visualiser
14/02/2014 Pin sharp pictures from new high resolution projector for professionals
13/02/2014 Three brand new powerful performers at the top of the class
12/02/2014 Optoma’s special effects lens brings moving images to life
10/02/2014 Business looks brighter with Optoma’s new projector range
04/02/2014 Two more bright ideas for Optoma’s ProScene projector range
29/01/2014 Optoma announces full product line-up and Pro AV solutions on show at ISE 2014
06/09/2013 Optoma Launches HD91 Full HD LED Home Cinema Projector
30/07/2013 Optoma Launches 800 Lumen Ultra-Portable LED Projector
30/07/2013 Optoma Launches 1000 Lumen Ultra-Portable LED Projector
10/07/2013 Optoma Launches 5000 Lumen WUXGA High Performance DLP Installation Projector
20/06/2013 Optoma launches new range of Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
19/06/2013 Optoma launches Lamp-Free 500 Lumens Ultra-Portable Business Projector
14/06/2013 Optoma launches new 3D Ready Short-Throw Projectors
14/06/2013 Optoma launches new W306ST and X306ST 3D Ready Short-Throw Projectors.
03/06/2013 Optoma launch H100 3D Entertainment Home Cinema Projector
31/05/2013 Optoma unveils ultra-portable projectors delivering up to an astonishing 3100 ANSI Lumens from a 1.4kg projector
31/05/2013 Optoma launches 3500 Lumen Full HD Corporate Projector
17/05/2013 Optoma announces the HD25-LV 3200 ANSI Lumen 1080p Full 3D Home Entertainment Projector
02/05/2013 Optoma Launches New 7500 Lumen ProScene Projector
01/05/2013 Optoma launches EH7700 ProScene Projector
29/03/2013 Optoma announces the high brightness DX325 XGA Projector
15/03/2013 Optoma introduces the stylish X300 XGA Projector
12/03/2013 Optoma launch WHD200 Full 1080p Video 2D and 3D Wireless HDMI System
08/03/2013 Optoma introduces the stylish DX330 XGA Projector
08/03/2013 Optoma launch latest generation ZD301 DLP-Link 3D Glasses
07/03/2013 HD30 1600 ANSI Lumen 1080p Full 3D Home Cinema Projector with SRS WOW HD Audio sound launched by Optoma
28/02/2013 Optoma announces the HD131X 2000 ANSI Lumen 1080p Full 3D Home Entertainment Projector
21/02/2013 Optoma announces the HD25 2000 ANSI Lumen 1080p Full 3D Home Entertainment Projector
18/01/2013 Optoma Europe announce full line-up for ISE 2013
30/11/2012 Optoma Europe take biggest ever stand space at ISE 2013.
19/11/2012 Optoma launches LED+ ZW212ST and ZX212ST XGA/WXGA Short Throw LED/Laser Hybrid Projectors
31/10/2012 Optoma provides Twenty EW865 Projectors for Everything Everywhere 4G Mobile Service Launch
03/09/2012 Optoma launches EH7500 ProScene Projector in white and offers customised colour option
28/08/2012 Optoma Launches HQView520 and HQView320 Image Scalers
17/07/2012 Optoma launches ProScene High Brightness EX855 and EW865 Installation Projectors
22/06/2012 Optoma launches LED+ ZW210ST and ZX210ST XGA/WXGA Short Throw LED/Laser Hybrid Projectors
19/06/2012 Optoma launches EX631 Eco+ high brightness “Green” XGA Projector
19/06/2012 Optoma launches FX5200 Eco+ high brightness “Green” XGA Projector
22/05/2012 Optoma launches EW631 Eco+ high brightness “Green”Widescreen Projector
17/04/2012 Optoma launches ProScene EX855 and EW865 XGA/WXGA 5500/6000 Lumens Installation Projectors
30/03/2012 Optoma announce WHD100 Full 1080p 2D and 3D Wireless HDMI System
20/02/2012 Optoma launches extremely bright 5000 ANSI Lumens XGA projector with Crestron RoomView™ support.
31/01/2012 Optoma announces the New HD23 2500 ANSI Lumen 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
18/01/2012 Optoma launches ML300, Lamp-Free and PC free 300 Lumens Ultra-Portable LED Projector
09/01/2012 Optoma presents stunning line-up at BETT 2012
01/01/2012 Optoma announces the HD23 2500 ANSI Lumen 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
23/12/2011 Optoma presents stunning line-up at ISE 2012.
01/12/2011 Optoma launches their first ProScene Projector
05/09/2011 Optoma launches ML500, Lamp-Free LED 500 Lumens Ultra-Portable Business Projector
05/09/2011 Optoma announces unrivalled 3D 1080P home cinema and gaming projector at new price point
31/08/2011 Optoma launches range of Ultra Short Throw Projectors
31/08/2011 Optoma announces unrivalled 3D 1080P home projection at an astonishing price
29/07/2011 Optoma improves Full HD 1080p Projector Range with extremely bright 4000 ANSI Lumens and Crestron RoomView™ support.
29/07/2011 Optoma launches PK120, the latest Pico Pocket Projector
22/06/2011 Projector expert Optoma introduces DC300i Visualiser
31/05/2011 Free software download makes HD65 fully 3D compatible with award winning Optoma 3D-XL
24/05/2011 Optoma launches EW762 high brightness Widescreen Projector
10/03/2011 Optoma introduces the stylish ES521 and EX521 SVGA/XGA Projectors.
01/03/2011 Optoma expands Digital Signage capabilities with the OP1022WTDS and OP1022WDS 22” Integrated Digital Signage Panel with and without touch facility.
01/03/2011 Optoma introduces the brilliant DS211 and DX211 SVGA/XGA Projectors.
01/02/2011 Optoma GT720 NVIDIA® 3DVision™ Ready Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector
14/01/2011 Optoma presents stunning line-up at ISE 2011.
11/11/2010 Optoma introduces the GT100 Mini Projector for the Family
10/11/2010 Optoma announces the HD20-LV 2200 ANSI Lumen 1080P Home Entertainment Projector
05/11/2010 Optoma HD67N NVIDIA® 3DVision™ Ready Home Cinema Projector
25/10/2010 World’s first 3D Projector Adapter Road-show
24/09/2010 World’s first 3D Projector Adapter
20/09/2010 Optoma launches EW610ST 3D capable Short-Throw Widescreen Projector
16/09/2010 Optoma expands Digital Signage capabilities with range of specialist LCD screens
01/06/2010 Optoma launches EX785 - a new high performance installation projector with interchangeable lenses, full lens shift and Crestron Roomview™ compatibility
19/05/2010 Optoma launches PK201, the very latest in Pico Pocket Projectors
01/04/2010 Optoma advances its full HD Corporate Projector Offering
01/04/2010 Optoma HD67 the stunning new HD Ready Home Cinema Projector
01/04/2010 Optoma launches EW533ST Short-Throw Widescreen Projector
23/09/2009 Optoma Enters Digital Signage Market with HD Media Player and Point of Purchase Display Panels
22/09/2009 Optoma EMEA records 10% market share in EMEA region for first time
01/07/2009 Optoma announces the first native 1080P projector at under €uro1000.
04/05/2009 Optoma unveils its incredible EP7155i ultra-portable projector
25/02/2009 Optoma Themescene’s astonishing HD82 Full HD projector
04/02/2009 High definition cinematic experience with the new ThemeScene HD82
02/02/2009 Optoma Launches EP783S High Performance Installation Projector
21/10/2008 Optoma Launches the UK’s smallest Pico Projector
19/08/2008 Optoma launches World’s Smallest Pico Pocket Projector at IFA Berlin 2008
28/02/2008 ThemeScene® HD75 – the ‘flat out’ winner!
16/11/2007 The Smallest Wide-Boy on the street, The EP1691 - 2500 Lumen WXGA Projector
15/11/2007 Tiny Size - Big Impression, The EP7155 - 2500 Lumen XGA Projector
14/11/2007 Optoma 10 Year Colour Guarantee
30/07/2007 IFA 2007 - Big Screen and Gaming Opportunities from ThemeScene®
11/07/2007 The ThemeScene® HD80 – Seen as Scene Perfect
11/07/2007 The EP774 - 4000 Lumen Projector – Heavy on Brightness, Light on Pounds
09/07/2007 Optoma Scoops Major Business Award
06/06/2007 HD DVD Promotional Group demonstrates flagship ThemeScene® HD81 projector for Cannes showcase
01/06/2007 The New MovieTime™, DV11 Digital DVD Projector and Sound System
11/01/2007 Optoma launches new HD Ready, 720p ThemeScene® HD73 Home Cinema projector
05/01/2007 Optoma Launches Its First 4000 Lumen Data Projector
05/01/2007 The Optoma EP771 Delivers Bright Vivid Images for Multimedia Applications
05/01/2007 The Optoma EP770 Delivers Bright Vivid Images for Office and Home Applications
02/11/2006 ThemeScene® HD3000 Enhanced HD Video Processor
01/11/2006 Panoview English Press
01/09/2006 HD70 Press Release Euro
01/09/2006 Ultra High Performance, 1080P Home Cinema projector.
16/08/2006 Optoma Launches Its First True WXGA HD Ready Digital Projector
01/02/2006 Optoma launches new HD Ready ThemeScene® Home Cinema projector
19/01/2006 EP910 - A truly brilliant native SXGA+ business projector
01/01/2006 EP747 - A projector for all seasons
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