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Get closer! More depth, more detail

The all new GT1080Darbee short throw projector builds on the success of the popular GT1080, integrating DARBEE Visual Presence™ image enhancement technology to bring revolutionary levels of depth and realism. It also features Enhanced Gaming Mode with a 16ms response time, ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

A short throw lens design allows the GT1080Darbee to be placed on a coffee table and project a stunning 100 inch Full HD 1080p image on a flat surface or screen from just over a metre away. Easy to move around your home, it even comes complete with integrated speakers and a carry bag so you can take it to a friend’s for a sports event, movie night or games marathon.

Optoma’s advanced colour technology, multiple settings and features enable users to enjoy long-lasting, reliable and precise colour for vibrant, lifelike images - perfect for immersive gaming, live sports and home entertainment any time of day.


Create a 100” Full HD 1080p image from just over a metre away
Lights on viewing – 3000 ANSI Lumens
Easy connectivity - 2x HDMI and MHL support with built-in 10W speaker
Award winning Darbee Visual Presence™ technology inside, 16ms response time


Darbee acclaimed Visual Presence™ patented technology further enhances Optoma projection technology with more depth and realism, delivering a clearer sharper picture by embedding stereoscopic depth information from a human-vision-based model. The image processing is adjustable, giving you the flexibility to customise the visual enhancement to suit your particular taste.

Short Throw

With a short throw lens, you can project an impressive 100” image from just over a metre away. This allows you to place the projector closer to the wall, reducing shadows so you can present with ease.

Amazing colours

Amazing colours

Watch your movies, TV shows and play games with stunning colours in any environment. Optoma projectors provide reliable performance suitable for any content and environment. Our home projectors are capable of reproducing the Rec.709 colour gamut, the international HDTV standard to guarantee accurate reproduction of cinematic colour exactly as the director intended. Or more saturated colours for a punchy looking image, great for gaming and animated movies.

Full HD 1080p

Full HD 1080p

1080p resolution gives you sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression; perfect for watching Blu-ray movies, HD broadcasting and playing video games.

Full 3D

Full 3D

Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles.

Dynamic black technology

This feature gives more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade detail.

Game mode

Game mode optimises your projector for maximum contrast and vivid colours to capture every detail - leaving you time to focus on winning.

Integrated speaker

Integrated speaker

Complete your home entertainment experience with the convenience of a powerful built-in speaker for exceptional sound quality and an easy set up without the need for costly external speakers.

ISF modes

ISF modes

This feature allows you to save your calibrated day and night mode settings for the highest possible viewing experience.



Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the purity of the original image, Optoma projectors can accept high definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director intended.



Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting your smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL; now you can view presentations and documents, stream videos and share photos on the big screen.



Use the USB-A port to power an HDMI dongle, such as Google Chromecast.

Auto power off

Auto power off

There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in use. To help save energy, the "auto power off" feature automatically turns off the projector after a set period of time if it is not being used

Quick resume

This feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if it is accidentally switched off.

Wireless option

Instantly stream Full 1080p and 3D content from a Blu-ray™ player, set-top box, games console or AV receiver to your projector wirelessly; eliminating the hassle and extra cost of installing long cables using the WHD200 (sold separately).


EMEA standard warranty
EMEA standard warranty


Expert reviews

September 2019

DARBEE VISION IMAGE PROCESSOR: The GT1080Darbee’s proprietary DarbeeVision image-enhancement technology enables greater detail in textures and reflective surfaces providing an unsurpassed gaming experience.

SHORT THROW LENS: Experience a large 120″ image projected from 4 feet away; short throw projectors allow placement closer to the screen making it ideal for more smaller spaces and easier installation

VERSATILE PROJECTOR: The GT1080Darbee is ideal in a variety of environments including family rooms, theater rooms and game rooms, as well as outdoor spaces such as backyards, camping, tailgating and more

Tech Aeris
August 2019

If you don’t mind splurging a bit, the Optoma GT1080 Darbee is a good choice for you. This projector mainly targets gamers because of its low input lag.

August 2019

In addition to its incredible short throw capabilities, this projector offers 3D capabilities and a 144Hz refresh rate when wearing compatible glasses. Thanks to its 3,000 lumen brightness, visibility will be great in most spaces. Inputs include 2x HDMI, 3.5mm, and more. Rated 4.2/5 stars.

August 2019

Optoma built this projector from the ground up to satisfy the needs of gamers. The result is the perfectly optimized short throw projector with enhanced response times, vibrant visuals and rich contrast. First, the .49 throw ratio is perfect for gamers, allowing the projector to be placed on your TV stand or entertainment center for a 100-inch image from just four feet away.

PC Guide
June 2019

The Optoma Technology GT1080 Darbee is our pick for best budget gaming projector. It’s the cheapest projector that we were able to find with a confirmed latency low enough for a respectable gaming experience. (Still higher than most TVs and monitors, though that’s just a limitation of the technology here.)

In addition to having the most accessible price point of our listed options, the Optoma actually supports Amazon’s five monthly payments system. This allows you to pay a 5th of the price + full tax upfront to receive the item, with 4 more equally-distributed payments being charged each month thereafter. Just make sure that you’ll be able to handle these payments, though, since missing one can have major consequences.

i News
March 2019

The GT1080Darbee is a short throw Full HD projector. This means it’ll cast a 100-inch or larger image from half the distance of a regular long throw model – ideal if you want to plonk it on a table in the middle of the room

Design-wise, it’s living room friendly, thanks to a smart, unobtrusive white cabinet. It’s bright too, at 3,000 lumens. Image quality is on the right side of thrilling, with the lights on or off. Image dynamics are good, and there’s plenty of spine-chilling detail on-screen.

January 2019

Everything I played looked just as good on an 100+ inch screen as it does in both handheld and on an HD TV, testament to the quality of image provided by the GT1080 Darbee.

The GT1080 Darbee is an absolutely  astounding projector that offers incredible performance in a somewhat surprisingly small package.

As is to be expected from Optoma, the build quality of this product is apparent immediately and paired with the performance offered – 100 inches of HD goodness really is a sight to behold, the GT1080 Darbee makes gaming and watching movies a joy, elevating the home cinema experience to whole new levels.

The hardware is on another level, delivering crystal clear images on even the brightest of days.

The Digital Fix
November 2018

The ultimate gaming projector? Possibly. The 1080p Optoma GT1080Darbee can throw a massive 100 inch screen from a distance of 1 metre - and with a 16ms response time the delay between your console of choice and the screen is as good as most TVs. Even better, the picture quality is remarkable given the technical limitations of short throw devices. We're a huge fan of this one

Tech Stage
November 2018

“The Optoma GT1080 Darbee is a good projector. Thanks to the short throw lens, it projects a powerful picture on the wall just one meter away. The colors and sharpness are very good, which is also due to the integrated Darbee image enhancement.”

Rapid Reviews UK
October 2018

The Optoma GT1080 Darbee gaming projector was simple to set up. 

We used the projector for watching TV and films, and what a fantastic experience it was. 

It comes into its own when hooked up to a console.  During my time using the projector, I had it linked up to my Xbox One.  Luckily for me, my review period with the projector coincided with the releases of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.  Playing these games in Full HD on a 100″ screen is something that every gamer must experience.

The feature that stood out for me with this projector was Darbee, especially when gaming. 

You can see a brighter, sharper, more detailed picture


August 2018

I am really impressed with the Optoma GT1080Darbee. If you don’t want to spend a fortune but you just want a decent projector that’s also mobile then this is a great choice.

It was quick and easy to set up.

It gives a good sharp colourful image that is pleasing to the eye without appearing overly processed.

The Darbee mode is really natural – it’s very subtle. It just adds a bit of sharpness, lifts a bit the colour and works really well.

I’m going to give the GT1080Darbee from Optoma a good solid 9/10.

July 2018

Overall the Optoma GT1080 Darbee would be a great addition to any gamer or movie buff’s home cinema system.

The only thing in my eyes that seems to let this model down is the speaker volume, but this is easily remedied with a simple £2 aux cable.

The picture quality is Full HD and with a screen size of 100 inches from around 3-4 feet away you certainly won’t be missing any of the action on screen. Currently the unit is priced at just over £600, but for the life expectancy of it and the short throw technology alone then this model is highly recommended for the price.

June 2018

“The extensively upgraded Optoma GT1080 Darbee proves to be a highly recommended short throw projector, which is loved by the home cinema lovers thanks to its rich colors, excellent contrast ratio and a giant image from the shortest distance to the screen.”

October 2017

PCtidningen.se awarded the projector 8.4 and said:

A really good projector that is unusually bright. Modern technology at a reasonable price.

Darbee is a special image enhancement technology that offers better sharpness, but also higher contrast and more speed in the colours. How the technology works, I do not know, but it reminds a little of how Photoshop can improve the sharpness by reinforcing all edges around objects in the subject with filters.

It is absolutely possible to use the GT1080Darbee for gaming. With a response time of 16 milliseconds, it reacts faster than other projectors, usually around 25 milliseconds.

October 2017

“Optoma has positioned the GT1080Darbee in two segments. On the one hand it demonstrates the home cinema suitability by an improved color management and on the other hand,the gaming scene with optimized settings. A successful balancing act by Optoma GT1080Darbee.”

PC Games Network
September 2017

The Optoma beamer uses the DARBEE Visual Presence image enhancer tech to give you a more detailed picture, despite it still only being presented with a 1080p resolution.

But that’s not the impressive thing about this projector - it’s the unbelievably short distance it needs to be able to produce a genuinely enormous picture.

But what about gaming? It’s frickin’ glorious. Big-screen gaming is the canine’s danglies, especially if you’re playing something arcadey, like GTA or FIFA. But when your eyeballs are filled with your favourite games, writ large on the side of your house, it’s hard not to get a little goose-pimply over how good it feels to plumb your PC into a quality projector


Lansare Info
July 2017

“...it is a unique projector in the world of projectors precisely because it focuses on providing superior quality when used for gaming”

“For film projection, the extremely small design distance can be a great addition. You can easily project the movie in the bedroom, no matter how small the room is, because from a distance of about half a meter you have a pretty big and generous image”

“Sound volume is pretty good for cameras up to 35mp and clarity is impressive.”

“All I can say is that if the scoring system had more than 5 stars, I would definitely have been forced to offer them.”

“I will give it 5 stars, but just like at school. With congratulations!”

June 2017

"100 inch picture from just 1 metre away from the wall? AND a 16ms response time. We're sold."

“The GT1080Darbee is a quality piece of hardware and it shows in every way possible. A flawless picture and low input lag combined with the short throw lens make for an unmissable piece of kit.”

Expert Reviews
June 2017

“it’s an ultra short throw projector, which means at a distance of just over a metre away from the screen or wall, you’ll be able to project a 100 inch image.”

“its integrated DarbeeVision image enhancement technology, which uses ‘neuro-biologic algorithms’ to enhance the image.  It’s the same tech used in the Optoma HD28DSE and it works brilliantly, giving the projector’s 1080p image considerably more presence than it would otherwise have.

That, combined with a 3,00-lumen brightness, which means it’s usable even in a bright living room and at a price that undercuts its rival by nearly £100, mean it’s our favourite gaming projector”

June 2017

“With its gaming-friendly focus and Darbee processing, the GT1080Darbee is a pretty unique proposition for its price. And since both of its core attractions prove to be anything but a gimmick, it really does look like a bargain.”

“The Optoma GT1080Darbee is a great projector, combining strong gaming and movie credentials for what is, under the circumstances, a very attractive price.”

May 2017

"If you’re looking for a projector to game on, the Optoma GT1080Darbee would be our first pick. The colour and detail is simply incredible, creating lush, rich environments on a screen bigger than almost any TV available. The short throw allows it to be used in almost any room. You don’t have to have a huge theatre room specially designed for it. Just chuck it on your coffee table, plug it in, and enjoy a gaming experience that all your friends will be jealous of."

May 2017

“After activating the projector, the projected image appears very quickly. Minutes of waiting to see the picture, as you know it from other models, is spared. Under optimal conditions the Full-HD resolution looks great and the sound quality is surprisingly good.”

Test rating: Good

May 2017

"The new reference of gaming projectors with record input lag"

What we like:
Video processing Darbee
Bright image
Very good colorimetry and grey scale
Good fluidity
Input lag record   
“The GT1080Darbee is a very nice surprise in short throw lens projector segment"

Heimkino GT1080 Germany
May 2017

“Optoma has put the GT1080Darbee on two tracks, on the one hand demonstrating its cinema capability by an improved colour management, but at the same time it also serves the gaming scene with appropriate optimized settings. A successful balancing act and it even comes with a comparatively low noise level.”

“Optoma offers a preview mode to compare the image with and without Darbee. I like the split-screen display better, because it shows the picture before and after Darbee for easy comparison.”

+ Very good colour reproduction

+ Simple optimizing via Darbee

Test rating: Excellent 1.3

Owner reviews

Verified Review
Quality Projector
Darren Gee, London : United Kingdom, October 2018.Purchased from RicherSounds
Optoma's use of Darbee techology makes the GT1080Darbee a unique projector. As a PC gamer, I am used to the crisp, sharp and detailed images of video games played on a quality gaming monitor. I never thought that a projector would be to come close, but Darbee technology brings the detailed textures out of HD video and games. This is the closest you will get to 4K without buying a very expensive projector. Like any display hardware item, be prepared to spend considerable time calibrating the projector for perfect quality, colour and sharpness.
Very Bright and Clear
D. Welch, Virginia, August 2017.Purchased from B&H Photo
I was surprised at how bright and clear the image is, even on a 110" screen. The setup menu is easy to use, and since there is a "Test Grid" feature, aligning and mounting the projector was not difficult. Very pleased with the purchase.
Great Projector
John Bowman, Reidsville, NC, August 2017.Purchased from B&H Photo Video
This projector is awesome! The short throw makes it very portable and we have enjoyed using it on our back deck. The low input lag makes it great for playing video games. Highly recommended.
perfect projector!
Luis Doria, Orlando, FL, August 2017.Purchased from Newegg
The quality is amazing! I'm using it on a 120" screen and you can see the difference with darbee. The quality is clearer than other projectors. Short through works well on my limited space. I have not tried it on gaming since I have a full gaming pc & monitor set up but it's suppose to be good. I bought some 3D glasses and it gives it a true theater experience. Despite saying it's 4:3, it also does 16:9. There is a button to switch between the two.
Exceptional Speed and Quality for FPS Gaming
Sam Bocetta, Chicago, August 2017.Purchased from Amazon.com
We tested 15 projectors to find the best choice for FPS specific gaming projectors and found the GT1080 Darbee to be one of the best choices for mid-range projectors.

The Optoma has a specialized gaming mode which allows for a more responsive time. Image quality is extremely sharp and provides very well balanced colors than a regular computer monitor.

Aspect ratio is also quite high making this a good choice for both indoor and outdoor gaming. Our tests were specific to outdoor gaming and the Darbee performed well having enough Lumens to provide an incredibly crisp image without any lag time even with 4 players.

This projector is also extremely quiet and did not produce much noise. Setup is simple and it's full compatible with a wide range of 3rd party media devices.

Full information about the Darbee as our top gaming pick can be found here - https://outdoormoviehq.com/best-projectors-gaming/
Excellent Gaming Projector
Kiho Woo, Fullerton, August 2017.Purchased from Amazon
I would say this is the best projector i have bought so far; crisp pictures; easy to control functions; easy to setup. HIghly recommend the product
Replacing my TV
Jacob Zane, Concord, CA, July 2017.Purchased from Amazon.com
After a long time searching, I stumbled on this projector. I was torn between Epson and Benq equivalents but I needed a short throw and something powerful enough to replace my TV. For the price point and features, this projector is hard to beat. There is a reason why it has stellar reviews because it lives up to its hype.
Fantastic Projector
Reymundo Marquez, Bakersfield, CA., July 2017.Purchased from Best Buy
Awesome Projector. It really enhances the details in video games! Not only that but I was amazed at how bright the image is. It can be seen clearly even in a well lit room. Also, video's and movies look amazing...by far the best projector I've ever owned. I highly recommend this product.

Case studies

Artists choose Optoma for interactive #selfie installation
Artists choose Optoma for interactive #selfie installation
Artists choose Optoma for interactive #selfie installation at nofilter_museum in Vienna
Artists choose Optoma for interactive #selfie installation at nofilter_museum in Vienna
The little people of Micropolis delight the crowds in Hull
The little people of Micropolis delight the crowds in Hull


Display technology
1080p Full HD (1920x1080)
3,000 lumens
Contrast ratio
Native aspect ratio
Aspect ratio - compatible
Keystone correction - vertical
Horizontal scan rate
15.375 ~ 91.146Khz
Vertical scan rate
24 ~ 85(120 for 3D)Hz
Screen size
1.15m ~ 7.62m (45.3" ~ 300") diagonal

Lamp info

Light source type
Lamp watts
Lamp life hours (up to)
5000 (Bright), 8000 (Dynamic), 6000 (Eco)


Throw ratio
Projection distance (m)
0.5m - 3.35m
Zoom type
Focal length (mm)
Native offset


Inputs 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support + MHL, 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support
Outputs 1 x Audio 3.5mm, 1 x USB-A power 1A
Control 1 x 3D sync, 1 x 12V trigger, 1 x mini USB service


Noise level (typical)
PC compatibility
2D compatibility
NTSC M/J, 3.58MHz, 4.43MHz PAL B/D/G/H/I/M/N, 4,43MHz SECAM B/D/G/K/K1/L, 4.25/4.4MHz 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz), 1080p(50/60Hz)
3D compatibility
Side-by-Side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60 Frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60 Over-Under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60
Full 3D
Security bar, Kensington Lock, Password protected interface
OSD / display languages
25 languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (traditional), Turkish, Vietnamese
Operating conditions
5°C ~ 40°C, Max. Humidity 85%, Max. Altitude 3000m
Remote control
Backlit home remote
Speaker count
Watts per speaker
In the box
Carry bag
Lens cap
AC power cord
Remote control
Basic user manual
Input lag
Optional wireless models


Power supply
100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power consumption (standby)
Power consumption (min)
Power consumption (max)

Weight and dimensions

Net weight
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
315 x 224 x 114
Verified owner

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