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Ultra-compact short throw LED projector

The ultra-portable LED ML750ST projector builds upon the popular ML750e but has been engineered with a short throw lens to make it even more flexible for meetings, presentations or movies on-the-go.

Weighing just 420g, this tiny projector features a media player, built-in speaker, native office viewer, microSD card slot and USB connection. HDMI input enables connection to the latest devices or you can present wirelessly from a mobile device using the free HDCast Pro app and optional wireless USB adapter.


HD Ready and LED technology - Great for movies, gaming and PC-free presentations
Great connectivity - HDMI, MHL, micoSD and built in speaker
Built in media play and optional wireless presentations
Short throw lens, ultra compact and lightweight - only 420g

Short Throw

With a short throw lens, you can project an impressive 100” image from just over a metre away. This allows you to place the projector closer to the wall, reducing shadows so you can present with ease.

LED technology

LED technology

High-quality LED illumination provides increased efficiency to maintain consistent brightness, superior colour performance, instant on/off and an extraordinary life span.

Amazing colours

Amazing colours

Give powerful presentations and educational lessons with stunning colours. Optoma projectors provide reliable colour performance suitable for any content and environment. From accurate sRGB colours for lifelike images to vibrant punchy presentations. We have a display mode to specific meet your needs. Perfect for a range of graphic and video presentations.

Superior contrast

Add more depth to your image with a high contrast projector. Compared to competing technology, Optoma DLP projectors provide you with brighter whites and ultra-rich blacks, images come alive and text appears crisp and clear - ideal for business and education applications.

Superior contrast

Native office viewer

Give presentations directly from your projector without the need of a laptop or PC using the built-in office viewer. Simply copy your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or JPEG files to a USB stick, SD card or microSD (depending on the projector input*) and display them on the big screen.

*See projector specs for a full list on inputs

Native office viewer

Built-in media player

Give presentations directly from your projector without the need of a laptop or PC using the built-in media player. Simply copy your documents, images and videos to a USB stick / SD card / microSD card (depending on the projector input) and display them on the big screen.

Wireless presentations

Instantly connect and present wirelessly from your PC, Mac or mobile device using the free App (name)* and optional wireless USB dongle. The app gives you the freedom to wirelessly share and present documents, photos, videos and your devices camera turning it into a document camera. Creating a more connected and collaborative experience for everyone.

* Available on Windows, MacOS, android and iOS

Integrated speaker

Integrated speaker

A built-in speaker offers excellent audio support and an easy setup without the need for costly external speakers



Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting your smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL; now you can view presentations and documents, stream videos and share photos on the big screen.



Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the purity of the original image, Optoma projectors can accept high definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director intended.

Direct power on

The projector will start up instantly when power is supplied to the unit. This eliminates the need to manually turn on the projector via the remote control or the keypad, ideal for use in rooms with a “master” power switch.

Direct power off

Power off your projector immediately or directly at the mains. This means you don’t have to wait for the projector to cool down before turning it off.

24/7 operation

24/7 operation

Optoma projectors have been designed to operate 24 hours a day in standard orientation. Perfect for applications where prolonged periods of use is required. Subject to 24 hour terms and conditions.

24/7 Operation - standard lamp warranty applies. Projector warranty is based on standard business usage hours. For optimum performance Optoma recommends that your projector is turned off or placed in standby mode for 30 minutes every 24 hours to prolonging the life of your lamp.


5 Year Limited Projector Warranty
5 Year Limited Projector Warranty
3 Year Limited Projector Warranty
3 Year Limited Projector Warranty
EMEA standard warranty
EMEA standard warranty


Expert reviews

October 2019

These are the best portable projectors we tested ranked, in order:

1) Anker Nebula Mars II

2) Optoma ML750ST

3) Asus ZenBeam E1

4)ViewSonic M1

5) Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus

6) AAXA P2-A

The Digital Fix
March 2019

The Optoma offers a 720p image and is pretty short throw, meaning you can get a 6 foot wide (diagonal) screen from the middle of your average lounge. It's also astoundingly bright and sharp - the resolution difference between this and a full-fat 1080p unit is obvious, but soon forgotten when you're watching a film on something twice as big as the TV next to it. The same with games - you might be able to see the pixels, but that doesn't matter when you're ripping up foe-after-foe in a round of Fortnite.

The Optoma ML750ST is awesome value for money.

Hifi test
May 2018

“The compact Optoma Beamer ML750ST displays a very big picture on the wall, even in smaller rooms. It's lightweight and due to it's compact size, it can fit almost anywhere, no matter how small the room!"

Real Homes
April 2018

If you want a mini projector but don’t want to skimp on quality, then this Optoma projector is the best way to watch movies in HD right from a microSD card, USB stick or via the HDMI cable which allows you to connect this mini projector to your laptop or Blu-Ray player. It is a short throw projector, which means you’ll get a clear image on your chosen wall, and it can display up to a 100 inch image from just over a metre away. For business use, you can project your presentation wirelessly from your mobile phone, too.  

Evening Standard
April 2018

We were really impressed by this neat little projector from Optoma.

From the moment we plugged it in, we knew this projector was a winner. It took well under a minute to plug it into our laptop via an HDMI and project a high-quality image onto the wall.

There are higher-end models out there, but in our view, it’s the Optoma ML750ST that offers the best balance of price and performance. It’s smart, easy-to-use, and most importantly provides an exceptional quality of projection.

May 2017

The projector has a smart and compact design and was easy to set up.

I was able to play video straight from our camera using the micro SD slot. You can also plug your phone in and view a slideshow or any stored media, or you can buy a WiFi dongle (£30) to project wirelessly.

I was impressed with the resolution and surprised at how close  I could position the device to the wall and still achieve a large, crystal clear image. It projected well over bumps in the wall, and not having to position the device right at the back of the room is a great feature as it means you don’t need a huge room for an impressive display. The device is fairly lightweight (450g) so is easy to add to luggage.

April 2017

The ST part of the projector’s name stands for ‘short throw’. If you’re not sure if this is a good thing or not, I reckon it is. You see, this means that it is able to deliver big images from a reduced distance away from the screen or surface you’re projecting on to.

Dark scenes contain much more realistic blacks than I was expecting for such a diminutive projector

This little ultra-portable projector certainly ticks a lot of boxes. It is easy to carry around, it’s bright and the colours are good.

As a business projector it does pretty much all you’ll need it to. Being able to run Office presentations without a PC is a bonus. Running it from a computer is decent too and the PC setting works as it should.

Geek News Central
March 2017

I’m pretty impressed by the ML750ST. I’m used to projectors about the size of the phone book and the ML750ST was able to do everything they can do and more. The ML750ST isn’t exactly an impulse buy as it’s priced at GB£529 and the USB WiFi dongle is an extra GB£30, but as business purchase, it makes a great deal of sense, especially with HDCast application for tablets and smartphones. I wouldn’t recommend it for a permanent installation in, say, a training room because a brighter projector would be more suitable, but for ad hoc presentations and portability, the ML750ST is a good choice.

Mobile Tech Talk
February 2017

MobileTechTalk awarded the ML750ST 9/10 for build quality and design, 8.5/10 for sound and value and 9.9/10 for projection quality - to give a score of 8.9/10 overall.

“the ML750ST is super bright, and runs a lot cooler than any other projector I’ve ever tried”

“The fact the ML750ST looks so good in a dark room, in a bright room, on the wall or even on a glossy whiteboard, probably the worst surface to project onto, shows you just how damn good this is.”

“Optoma’s name is synonymous with projectors for a reason. They’re bloody good at making them.”

December 2016

Score: 9.43/10

VERDICT: The Optoma ML750ST’s best-in-class performance and stellar construction make it an excellent centerpiece in your home theater or boardroom."

“Its excellent benchmark performance was confirmed in our hands-on testing. We used the Optoma to view a variety of high-definition content in dark environments and those with ambient light, and image quality was phenomenal in both settings. Fine onscreen details were rendered in clear focus, and even on high brightness settings, color levels remained consistent and didn’t appear washed out.”

September 2016

“This fabulous compact projector excels where space and time are at a premium. Using LED technology, it boots up in seconds and is so small it virtually fits in the palm of your hand.  Available with an optional wireless dongle, it can also display office documents without the need for a computer as a source.”

August 2016

DDWorld gave the ML750ST a 90% rating and a DD's Recommended Award.  It concluded:

Nice sharp picture, good contrast and colour reproduction

LED life up to 20,000 hours and a decent operating characteristics

Very small and lightweight

Probably the best picture in the segment of small LED projectors

Computer zive
August 2016

“The Optoma ML750ST belongs to the smallest LED projectors on the market offering high brightness and PC free use. The LED light source offers high life span. The high brightness of the projector and short throw ratio of 0.8  allows you to project onto a 147cm diagonal screen. We played many video formats directly from SD cards and the projector had no problem with any codecs. Displaying photos and presentation was also perfect. The high brightness and good connectivity make the ML750ST very handy."

July 2016

“We reviewed four micro projectors but the ML750ST was the only one that made the cut. We were wowed by its performance, portability, and low cost.”

July 2016

"The high-quality video and excellent color quality in Cinema mode also makes the ML750ST a top choice for home use. If you want a unit you can move easily to any room to set up as needed and still have an impressively high quality, 80" image even with some lights on, it's a perfect fit. And with it's 16.5 ms lag time, gamers will have only themselves to blame for slow reaction time."

"For traveling presenters doing sales presentations or educational tutoring to individuals or small groups, the ML750ST's ability to connect to a cell phone or read files from memory card or USB key means you don't have to bring anything heavier along with it."

July 2016

"The enhanced setup and performance from the Optoma ML750ST’s high-quality, short-throw lens make this AC-powered mini projector an easy recommendation."

"What I didn’t expect was to find even one projector among four that I could comfortably recommend for even quasi-serious movie watching. No, the Optoma won’t go as bright or as black as my $4,000 reference projector. But it practically fits into the palm of my hand, and it threw a highly satisfying image for my critical eye at about one-seventh of the price."

"The ML750ST just wowed me with its combination of performance, portability, and low cost. It’s a great value."

Trusted Reviews
May 2016

“The ML750ST runs extremely quietly for such a portable projector, despite its impressive brightness.”

“The ML750ST’s input lag – the time it takes to render images after receiving their data – is outstanding; my measurements in the projector’s PC preset mode recorded barely 10ms. This is the lowest figure I've ever seen in a projector, and it means that you won’t be able to blame the ML750ST for any gaming fails.”

“The ML750ST is the best pocket-sized projector I’ve tested for all-round picture quality and its ability to switch effortlessly between business and domestic duties.”

T3 France
April 2016

Awarded 9/10

"Two big assets […] one short throw that allows you to show a big image from a minimum distance. The second, it‘s compactness."

"It handles colours and movement very well"

COM! Professional
February 2016

"The Optoma ML750ST shows what kind of impressive compact projectors can be developed based on LED-Technology.”

“Despite of its tiny size, it offers all the necessary and important connections. Among them a MHL supported HDMI, USB port and a Micro SD reader”

“Because of its tiny format, the ML750ST might get more attention in meetings than some PowerPoint presentations which are presented on it.”

Overall Grade: 2 = good

Owner reviews

Verified Review
MR.NIGEL MARLTON-JONES, Isle of Wight, PO36 0JJ : United Kingdom, February 2018.Purchased from currys,isle of wight
ML750ST , I,ve run this nearly none stop since I got it over a year ago being disabled it helps me to see better and being able to take it with me helps, done lots hours with the xbox on this none stop for more the 48 hours at a time and its handled everything. light nd small what more could you want also my rooms arnt that big so the short fall on it helps a lot.
What a bright idea for road warriors.
James D. Feldman, CSP, Chicago, IL, September 2016.Purchased from Stampede
As a professional speaker I needed a small but powerful projector to put in my MacGiver carry on bag. This packs a lot of technology in a small footprint. It blows away anything else on the market. I am know as The Bright Idea Guy™ and this projector is one of the brightest ideas I have seen in a long time.
For anyone that presents to anyone about anything that uses slides, videos, movies, or other 'projectionable' materials this is a projector you have to consider if you are a road warrior.
super portable y liviano
Adriana Zangarini, Miami, May 2016.Purchased from B&H
Excelente video beam, super portable y liviano. Tenia el 750 y decidí cambiarlo al 750ST para poderlo proyectar mas cerca de la pared. Se los recomiendo sobre todo a los que tienen que estar moviéndose constantemente.
My review
Edison Pham, Toronto, April 2016.Purchased from AVS Unlimited
Bought ML750ST for my company and its a huge upgrade from the travel projectors we used to carry. Its so small, compact and most importantly - very light.

Its everything we needed in a portable projector.
Amazing for the size
Joe Russ, USA, March 2016.Purchased from Amazon.com
This is a brilliant projector for the road warrior. It's small, but very bright for the size and able to create a fairly large image in small spaces.

The color is much improved over the 500 lumens model and feels natural in all modes except the brightest.

The built in media player and file access features are awesome and allow you to share videos or photos without even needing a tablet, phone, or laptop.

My one downside is that at 700 lumens the project is not bright enough to view in ambient daylight conditions. But works awesome in any darker environment.
Verified Review
A very special purchase
T Alastair McLachlan, MILTON OF CAMPSIE, United Kingdom, February 2016.Purchased from Costco, Springburn, Glasgow
I have used Optima projectors in the past and got an unmissable offer for this one. I cannot believe how small it is, how easy to use, and what a clear picture it gives. I hope to use this on many happy occasions in then future. It is so easy to set up and use. Thanks for this.

Case studies

AV Stumpfl Russia
AV Stumpfl Russia
Become a racing pro with Sim-x simulator
Become a racing pro with Sim-x simulator
Fine Dining and Jazz Lounge Goes High-Tech - Optoma lights up Éclair Bistro with projection mapped ambience
Fine Dining and Jazz Lounge Goes High-Tech - Optoma lights up Éclair Bistro with projection mapped ambience
ML750ST lightens up AV Stumpfl live demonstrations
ML750ST lightens up AV Stumpfl live demonstrations
Optoma projectors light up Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
Optoma projectors light up Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition
Santa's little helper spotted in Walthamstow
Santa's little helper spotted in Walthamstow
Technology transforms art into huge canvas
Technology transforms art into huge canvas
The little people of Micropolis delight the crowds in Hull
The little people of Micropolis delight the crowds in Hull
Urban Legends festival brings fairy tale characters to life
Urban Legends festival brings fairy tale characters to life


Display technology
WXGA (1280x800)
Brightness (LED)
800 LED brightness
Contrast ratio
Native aspect ratio
Aspect ratio - compatible
Keystone correction - vertical
Has vertical auto keystone correction
Horizontal scan rate
15.375 ~ 91.146Khz
Vertical scan rate
24 ~ 85(120 for 3D)Hz
Screen size
0.64m ~ 2.54m (25" ~ 100") diagonal

Lamp info

Light source type
LED life
20,000 hours


Throw ratio
Projection distance (m)
0.43m - 3.44m
Zoom type
Focal length (mm)
Native offset


Inputs 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support + MHL, 1 x microSD card, 1 x USB-A reader, 1 x VGA (YPbPr/RGB)
Outputs 1 x Audio 3.5mm


Noise level (typical)
PC compatibility
2D compatibility
480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz)
3D compatibility
SVGA 120Hz, XGA 120Hz
3D ready
Security bar, Kensington Lock, Password protected interface
OSD / display languages
13 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Operating conditions
5°C ~ 35°C, Max. Humidity 85%, Max. Altitude 2500m
Remote control
Card style
Speaker count
Watts per speaker
In the box
Carry bag
Universal I/O cable
AC power cord
Remote control
Basic user manual
Input lag
Optional wireless models


Power supply
100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power consumption (standby)
Power consumption (max)

Weight and dimensions

Net weight
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
112 x 123 x 57
Verified owner

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