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15000L Advanced Stacking


15000L Advanced Stacking
Uncompromising image quality, outstanding flexibility and ultimate reliability
  • 15,000L - WUXGA
  • Portability - smaller, lighter units are significantly easier to transport and install
  • Redundancy - If one unit fails, the second unit will still be operational
  • High resolution with sub-pixel adjustment for ultimate clarity
When a project calls for even more Lumens, the benefits of using multiple stacked projectors quickly become clear. A single projector of equivalent brightness can present problems on many levels.

The ProScene Solutions for advanced stacking are the most convenient way to increase your image brightness up to 15,000 Lumens at WUXGA for truly impressive displays of video content and images.

The EH7700 combined with the Chameleon GB-200 processor deliver incredibly bright images, while the dust-sealed, filter free design prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system ensuring optimal image quality with minimal maintenance.

Motorised lens shift, focus and zoom combined with the extensive lens options, 360' operation and interchangeable colour wheels, provide installation flexibility for simple, trouble free installations

Click here to find out more about the benefits of stacking projectors and other Proscene solutions from Optoma.

Rental & Staging applications

The safest way for handling a projector in rental & staging applications is by using it in combination with a flying frame. Full adjustment in 3 axes, allows each projector to be aligned with high accuracy. Mounting holes for truss hooks or chains ensure the greatest level of safety for both technicians and performers.

LAN control

All Optoma signal processors can be controlled via a network (LAN) connection, keeping you in complete control of your project at all times. The powerful PC tools allow many functions to be fine-tuned with subpixel accuracy for truly remarkable results.

What do I need for advanced stacking?

Traditionally, blending and warping solutions are time-consuming and complicated to set up with many incompatibilities between blending solutions and projectors. At Optoma, our industry leading ProAV support team is on hand to support your complete project – both the image processors and the projectors as a single system, so you can be sure that your project remains on track at all times.

1Brightness and lifetime dependent on settings and environmental conditions

2Typical lamp life achieved through testing. Will vary according to operational use and environmental conditions

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